Wire and cable brand tops the ad brand list with 9% share in Delhi NCR, reveals mFilterIt’s report – Brand Wagon News – blogwspace.com

Wire and cable brand tops the ad brand list with 9% share in Delhi NCR, reveals mFilterIt’s report – Brand Wagon News

According to a report titled ‘Beyond the Pitch’ by mFilterIt, the advertising landscape during the Men’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, top brands across the league matches were wire and cable brand 9% share in Delhi NCR, 10% in Mumbai and 7% in Agra, followed by energy drink brand and tyre brand in Bangalore each with 5% share.

The report further highlighted that during the semi-final match of India versus New Zealand, the choco-pie brand gained maximum advertising slots with 7.12% ad distribution share followed by a biscuit brand with 6.80% share. Additionally, the health insurance brand ads grabbed the third highest share with 6.02% share in Delhi NCR. They also held the second largest share for Hindi stream with 9.09% share in the region.

Moreover, a global nutrition company had the highest ad frequency share with 7.24% in Bengaluru, followed by a tyre brand with 6.94% and then health insurance company ads with 5.11%. The health insurance company also targeted metro cities such as Mumbai with 5.80% but did not target tier-2 cities like Agra with just 3.76% share.

Talking about the report, Amit Relan, CEO and co-founder, mFilterIt, said, “The tournament was a stage for brands to shine, and we witnessed unexpected stars in the advertising arena. It’s a testament to the strategic thinking and adaptability of brands in navigating the dynamic landscape of the Men’s Cricket World Cup.”

Furthermore, week six as compared to previous weeks saw a dip in online services categories coming down to 7.96% from 21.48% in the first week and 17.83% in the second week. Personal care and hygiene category remained consistent for all six weeks peaking during week four with 20.07 % share.

The week six also saw a rise in the automobile and accessories category with 12.22% share claiming the second spot. Other categories such as electrical durable and banking, finance and investment ads rose up 9% and 8% respectively as compared to initial weeks 5% and 5.93%.

Meanwhile, the food and beverage, online services, personal care and hygiene, automobile and accessories ads dominated the tournament with 33.29%, 12.12%, 11.52% and 10.81% respectively.

“The advertising trends observed during the Cricket World Cup 2023 underscore the importance of understanding audience dynamics and tailoring campaigns accordingly. Brands need to stay agile to make the most of these high-profile sporting events,” Dhiraj Gupta, CTO and co-founder, mFilterIt, added.

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