Stock market holidays in 2024: No trading! Share bazaar will remain closed for 14 days; complete list here –

Stock market holidays in 2024: No trading! Share bazaar will remain closed for 14 days; complete list here

In 2024, the markets will be shut for Republic Day (January 26), Mahashivaratri (March 8), Holi (March 25), Good Friday (March 2029), Ramzan Id (April 11), Ram Navami (April 17), Maharashtra Day (May 1), Bakri Id (June 17), Muharram (July 17), Independence Day (August 15), Mahatma Gandhi (October 2), Diwali (November 1), Gurunanak Jayanti (November 15), and Christmas (December 25).

Share market will remain closed for 14 days in 2024

The equity markets will be closed for 14 days in the coming calendar year, one less than in the present year 2023. Talking about the year 2023, the markets were closed for 15 annual holidays.

In 2024, the markets will be shut on

  1. Republic Day (January 26)
  2. Mahashivaratri (March 8)
  3. Holi (March 25)
  4. Good Friday (March 2029)
  5. Ramzan Id (April 11)
  6. Ram Navami (April 17)
  7. Maharashtra Day (May 1)
  8. Bakri Id (June 17)
  9. Muharram (July 17)
  10. Independence Day (August 15)
  11. Mahatma Gandhi (October 2)
  12. Diwali (November 1)
  13. Gurunanak Jayanti (November 15)
  14. Christmas (December 25)

Diwali will be celebrated with a special muhurat trading on November 1.

Any of the aforementioned holidays may be affected by the exchanges, for which a supplementary circular will be issued in advance. The Sensex and Nifty posted high teen returns in 2023, a year defined by monetary tightening and rising inflation.

As we approach 2024, analysts remain bullish on equities as an asset class, believing that it will continue to be the greatest asset class in terms of risk-adjusted return in the medium to long run.

Anand Rathi said, “As a result, we do not see any major reason to reduce strategic allocation in equities or boost debt allocation at this time.”

Analysts anticipate that mid- and small-size indices will continue to beat large-cap indices in 2024 due to their stronger earnings profiles.

Sampath Reddy, CIO, Bajaj Allianz Life, said, “Indian equity valuations remain at a premium compared to emerging and developed markets; this reflects investors’ continued confidence in the long-term growth story. Nifty earnings growth for FY23 stood at 12%, and there’s an optimistic outlook with expectations of around 13% growth in both FY24 and FY25.”

“As such, the earnings growth trajectory of India Inc. remains strong in the post-COVID era, thereby supporting market performance,” he said.

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