EU tightens restrictions for three top adult websites under new content regulations –

EU tightens restrictions for three top adult websites under new content regulations

EU tightens restrictions for three top adult websites under new content regulations

Securing Cyberspace for Nations: Strict Measures Unfold

The European Union (EU) has broadened its regulatory scope under the Digital Services Act (DSA), bringing major adult content platforms Pornhub, Stripchat, and XVideos under its tight leash. Stringent regulations under the DSA, which are intended to foster greater online safety, mandate companies to engage in risk management, undergo external audits, and share critical data with authorities and researchers.

EU’s Drive for a Safer Virtual Environment for Children

The EU’s top official for industry stresses the significance of developing a safer online environment for children. “Pornhub, Stripchat, and XVideos meet the user thresholds to fall under stricter #DSA obligations,” he asserted, highlighting the wide-reaching impact of the DSA, which now includes adult content platforms. Companies that are beholden to DSA regulations are required to tackle disinformation, boost user safety and freedom of choice, and ensure enhanced protection for children. The platforms are at risk of facing hefty penalties, which could amount to as much as 6% of their global turnover.

Shifting Focus: From Tech Giants to Adult Content Platforms

Until now, it was primarily major tech companies that were subject to these regulations. With the inclusion of adult content platforms now, a fresh dimension to the DSA’s broad reach has been introduced. It should be noted that the user count for Pornhub stands at an average of 33 million a month, which is lower than the 45-million threshold designated for very large online platforms. In determining these classifications, the DSA administration considers not only self-reported user numbers but also information provided by third parties and other sources.

Adult Content Platforms: New Entrants Under Regulatory Radar

Among the platforms newly designated under these regulations are XVideos, which pegs its European user count at 160 million, and Stripchat, which claims over 500 million users globally. These platforms now face the challenging task of putting into place, within a span of four months, measures that will protect their users, especially underage individuals. They are also required to address any systemic risks that may be associated with their services, as per the statement released by the Commission.

The Future of Cyberspace Regulation: A Safer Digital World for All

As regulations under the DSA continue to expand, they are sending a clear message to all platforms: prioritize user safety and contribute to the making of a safer digital world. As internet usage continues to grow exponentially, the incorporation of more platforms under these comprehensive regulations promises to ensure better protection for all, especially the most vulnerable groups.

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