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CSGO Gambling Sites – (Updated) Best Sites To Gamble on CS2

Are you looking for the best CSGO gambling sites and promo codes? Now that CS2 has been released and the community is busier than ever, we have compiled the most recent list of sites, including exclusive promo codes to claim bonuses. After many hours of testing and analysis, we’ve selected the CS2 gambling sites with the best bonuses, promotions, games, and loyalty rewards that offer a 100% transparent and trusted gambling experience.  

 You can also learn how we analyzed each site, how to register, games available, and information on various payment methods. Find our list of the best websites below so you can start playing and winning CSGO skins today.

The Best CSGO Gambling Sites

 Here is our list of the best CSGO gambling sites, including exclusive promo codes you can claim maximum bonuses and wager your skins and cash on the most exciting CS2 gambling games:

  • CSGOLuck: Top CSGO Gambling Site – VIP Code CSGOMAX
  • CSGO500: Best for Casino Games – VIP Code CSGO500MAX
  • CSGOFast: Great Variety of CSGO Games – Code CSGOMAX
  • CSGORoll: Biggest Giveaways – Code CSGOMAX
  • Hellcase: Best for Case Opening – Code CSGOMAX

Because our goal is to help you choose the ideal CSGO gambling site for you, you can find more information about each CS2 casino below.

1. CSGOLuck: Highest Rated CSGO Gambling Site

CSGOLuck is at the top of the CSGO gambling industry because it brings all the benefits that make a CS2 gambling site outstanding: A large selection of premium games, generous promotions and bonuses, superb mobile gambling experience, 100% random and fair results, and a smooth banking experience.

CSGOLuck offers the following games:

  • Case Opening

  • Case Battles

  • Crash

  • Mines

  • Roulette

  • Coinflip

  • Towers

 You can claim generous welcome bonuses as well as daily rewards such as free CSGO cases. You also have the opportunity to climb up the Leaderboard to win one of the three massive prizes in free coins every day.

As you can see, we have enough reasons to rank CSGOLuck as the best CSGO gambling site because it offers everything you need to enjoy an outstanding CS2 gambling experience.

2. CSGO500: Best for Casino Games

CSGO500 offers you many CSGO gambling games such as Crash, Fortune Wheel, Roulette, Dice Duels, Towers, Plinko, Blackjack, Baccarat, Video Slots and Sportsbook. However, it stands out thanks to its extensive support for cryptocurrencies and exclusive crypto bonuses.

Be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Doge, or Ripple, you can use these and several other cryptocurrencies and tokens to play at CSGO500 and win huge prizes. Furthermore, the deposits and withdrawals are instant, bringing you a seamless and efficient banking experience.

If you want to pair up your CSGO gambling with CSGO betting, you can do it at CSGO500 because it supports match betting on Counter-Strike. You can place your bets on a wide variety of matches and events 24/7.

3. CSGOFast: Great Variety of Games

 CSGOFast is a CSGO gambling site that has it all: great bonuses, quick withdrawals, 100% Provably Fair results, and an outstanding variety of games. The reason why it stands out from the rest is the variety of CSGO focussed games and why we recommend this brand because you have 13 premium games at your disposal:

  • Crash

  • Case Opening

  • Case Battles

  • Slots

  • Baccarat

  • Double

  • Hi-Lo

  • X50

  • Classic

  • Towers

  • Wheel

  • Fast

  • Poggi

 In addition to the solid bonuses for new and existing users, CSGOFast is one of the best CS2 gambling sites you can enjoy. Especially thanks to its outstanding selection of games available.

4. CSGORoll: Biggest Giveaways

Running since 2016, CSGORoll is one of the pioneers in the CSGO gambling industry, and they have managed to remain at the top thanks to their huge giveaways, generous bonuses, and a premium selection of games.

You can claim free coins, free cases, free skins and take part in the giveaways valued at $100,000 to $500,000. From getting as high as possible on the leaderboard to playing CSGO matches against other gamblers, CSGORoll is the most rewarding CS2 gambling site nowadays.

5. Hellcase: Best for Case Opening

Hellcase is here for only one reason: it’s spectacular for case opening. The fact that users have opened over 311 million CSGO cases on this site is enough to prove why it’s the best in this category. And they pair up this premium experience with Case Battles, bringing you a new and exciting way to win even more CSGO skins.

Hellcase also offers generous bonuses that you can use for case opening. Since this site is hyper-focused on CSGO gambling games, we only recommend it if you only want to play case opening and battles.

 How to Sign Up at a CSGO Gambling Site

 If you’re ready to start gambling at our recommended CS2 casinos, here’s how you can join in only 6 steps:

  1. Select a site from our list and visit its website
  2. Click on “Join” or “Signup” to join – Login via Steam, Email and Gmail
  3. Enter the promo code noted above
  4. Verify your account via email
  5. Claim your bonuses and/or make your first deposit
  6. Start playing your favorite CSGO gambling games

 You can join any of our recommended sites in 5 minutes or less. Don’t wait any longer, and start playing the best CSGO gambling games now.

 How to Choose the Perfect CS2 Gambling Site

 With some great sites at your disposal, we understand it’s hard to choose one, especially if you’re brand new to the CSGO gambling scene. Follow our quick tutorial to find your ideal CS2 gambling site.

 1. Are you ready to make a first deposit or would you like to play for free?

 We have mentioned what sites bring no deposit bonuses as a new customer and what sites can bring you an excellent welcome bonus when you make your first deposit.  

 2. Do you want to win new CSGO skins or more cash/crypto?

 Some of our recommended sites only allow you to cash out via CSGO skins, whereas others allow you to cash out via eWallets, cryptocurrencies, credit cards, etc. It’s important to answer this question because you should use your ideal CSGO gambling site based on how you’d like to administer your winnings.

 3. Do you already know what CSGO gambling games you would like to play?

If you’re totally new to the scene, we recommend you join a CSGO site with a large variety of games, such as CSGOLuck, CSGOFast, or CSGORoll. This way, you’ll be able to test different games with small wagers to find out what games you like the most.

On the other hand, if you already know what games you’d like to play, we’ve mentioned the best sites for each type of game, such as CSGO Roulette or CSGO Crash.

 4. What type of bonuses and promotions would you like to claim?

 If you don’t know which website to choose, you should select it based on the bonuses and promotions you’d like to claim. If you want to focus on winning new skins, then we recommend you select a site that offers bonuses of free CS2 skins or free CSGO boxes. On the other hand, if you’re interested in winning more money or crypto, you should go for a site that offers a first deposit matched bonus, reload bonuses, or cashback.

 5. Do you also want to bet on CSGO matches?

 Even though we are focusing on CSGO gambling here, if you’re also interested in CSGO betting, then you should pick a site that offers it as well. Some options from our ranking, such as CSGOEmpire and CSGO500, allow you to bet on CSGO matches easily while bringing you access to CSGO gambling games.

 Beginner’s Guide: How to Start Gambling at our Recommended Sites

 If you’ve never played at a CSGO gambling site before, here’s the guide you need. We will show you how to wager your skins, crypto, or cash on CSGO gambling games so you can obtain your first winnings. You can also visit the CSGO Gambling Guide – Reddit to learn more about betting on CS2.

1. Make sure your account is set up and ready to start playing

 After signing up on your preferred CSGO gambling site, you need to go ahead and activate your account by clicking on the verification link sent to you via email. You’ll also need to link your Steam account to your CS2 gambling site account by entering your Steam Trade Link, especially if you wish to wager and withdraw CSGO skins and items.

 2. Make your first deposit or claim a free skins/coins bonus

 Before you can start gambling at our recommended sites, you need to fund your account. You can do it by making a first deposit with CSGO skins, crypto, credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, you name it. If you’re not ready to use real money or assets yet, you can always claim the free skins, free coins, or free money bonuses at our selected sites.

 3. Select your preferred CSGO gambling game

 Once your account is ready and funded, you need to select your preferred CSGO gambling game to start playing. If you’re not sure about what game to choose, we invite you to check our short guide on the top 7 games you can play at our recommended sites.

 4. Enter your wager and wait for the round or match to start

 The games at our recommended sites are intuitive and beginner-friendly. They will show you exactly where to enter your wager, for example, 10 coins, and then all you need to do is wait for the result of the game.

 5. Wait for the outcome of the game and receive your prize

 All you need to do is wait for the final outcome of the game to discover your prize. If you win, the platform will automatically credit your account.

 Choosing Our Top CS2 Gambling Sites

 Several new brands are populating the CSGO gambling industry, but not all of them are legit or can offer an optimal CS2 gambling experience. This is why we’ve spent many hours testing all the available sites to identify the best legit and licensed platforms that offer the best CSGO gambling games, bonuses, 100% fair and random outcomes, and daily rewards, amongst other benefits.

We’ve joined and played at all of our listed CSGO gambling sites. From verifying our accounts, making a first deposit, and claiming bonuses to playing different games and withdrawing our winnings, we’ve personally tested all of our recommended CS2 casinos.

 Legal and Licensed CSGO Gambling Sites

 The first step in this selection process is only considering the CSGO gambling sites with a valid iGaming license, such as the Curacao Gaming License. This ensures that all of our recommended sites are 100% solvent, legal, and regulated to bring you a safe online gambling experience.

Outstanding Online Reputation

 We only included the highest-rated CSGO gambling sites because it’s another factor that guarantees a safe and optimal online gambling experience. All of our recommended CS2 casinos have a majority of positive reviews and 4-star and 5-star ratings on the main rating and reviews platforms, such as TrustPilot and online communities on Reddit, Steam Community, and HLTV.org.

 Randomness and Fairness of Outcomes

 A safe and optimal online gambling experience requires 100% random and fair outcomes in all the games and a transparent and honest platform. Hence, our recommended sites use Provably Fair tech to bring random, fair, and verifiable results and independent third-party audits to certify that the games, platform, and services are fair and honest.

 High-Quality CSGO Gambling Games

 Games are the blood of CSGO gambling sites, and thus, we only selected the CS2 casinos that offer the highest quality of titles. Our recommended sites will give you access to the best game modes of CSGO coinflip, CSGO crash, CSGO roulette, CSGO case battles, and CSGO Plinko, among others.

 Generous Bonuses and Offers

 Our recommended CSGO gambling sites have the most generous bonuses, offers, and promotions in the industry. From first deposit welcome bonuses to free daily CSGO cases and cashback, you’ll get the best bang for your time, skins, and wagers when playing at sites like CSGOLuck, CSGO500, CSGOFast, CSGORoll, amongst others.

 Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

 You deserve a smooth and seamless banking experience when playing at our recommended CSGO gambling sites. Be it you deposit or withdraw skins, cash, or crypto, we have only selected the sites with the fastest payment methods and the lowest fees so you can take advantage of instant deposits and fast withdrawals.

 Superb Mobile Gambling Experience

 Be it on iOS or Android, as well as on any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Brave, our recommended sites bring a superb mobile gambling experience thanks to their 100% responsive mobile websites and games.

 Premium Loyalty Rewards Program

 In addition to regular bonuses and promotions, you deserve to receive extra rewards for being a loyal customer of any of our recommended CSGO gambling sites. This is why we only select sites that offer a generous Loyalty Rewards Program, such as more valuable free CSGO boxes, exclusive reload bonuses, early access to premium promotions, a bigger share of giveaways, etc.

 Fast Customer Support Service

 Because you deserve fast answers and solutions, we’ve only selected gambling sites with an efficient and competent customer support team that can bring you service via live chat, email, phone, or tickets. Thanks to being available 24/7, you can rely on their customer support service to solve any question or issue.

 Top 7 Games You Can Play at CS2 Gambling Sites

 CSGO gambling sites are different from regular online casinos; hence, they offer innovative games you might have never played before. Here you have our top 7 recommendations to wager your skins, cash, or crypto to hit big prizes.

 1. CSGO Crash

This game is simple and can yield huge winnings if you cash out on time. To play it, you only need to place your wager and wait for the round to start. A multiplicator will start increasing gradually, and your mission here is to get out on time before the multiplicator crashes. Your payout will be your initial wager x the multiplicator you cashed out on.

For example, if you wagered skins worth a total of $100 and you cashed out with a multiplicator of x5.75, then you’ll receive a total payout of $575 worth of skins.

 2. CSGO Roulette

This game works similarly to the classic casino roulette. To play it, you need to place your bet on a color: Black (x2), Red (x2) or Green (x14). You can also place a bet on a symbol – Terrorist (x2) or Counter-Terrorist (x2) – and then wait for the round to start. If you win, the game will automatically credit your account balance.

If you wagered $50 worth of skins on Red and you won, then the site will automatically reward you with $100 worth of skins.

 3. CSGO Case Battles

You can play this game against another user or several other users. For starters, you need to create a Case Battle Duel, select the CSGO boxes you want to wager, and then create the duel. Once it’s available, other users will be able to join it, and they’ll have to buy the same boxes as you.

When the battle begins, you and the other users will start unboxing the CSGO cases, and whoever unlocks the most valuable skins will win the entire prize pool.

Let’s say you created a duel with 5 CSGO cases, and after unboxing them, you won $57 worth of skins, and the other user won $55 worth of skins, then you’d be the final winner, and you’d win a total of $112 worth of skins.

 4. CSGO Coinflip

CSGO Coinflip is an easy game that can yield huge winnings depending on how many and what type of skins you wager. For starters, you need to select what CSGO skins you’d like to wager, select how many users can join, and then create the battle. Once a user joins it, the game will start.

You’ll have to choose a side of the coin and then toss it. If the coin lands on the side of the coin you selected, you’ll win all the skins.

Let’s suppose that you created a duel with a total of $100 worth of skins, and after tossing the coin, you won. Then, you’d receive a total of $200 worth of skins.

 5. CSGO Dice

 CSGO Dice follows the same mechanisms as CSGO Coinflip. The unique difference is that here, you’ll use a pair of dice, and whoever gets the best combination will win. All you need to do is create a duel, select the skins and items you’d like to wager, wait for another user to join, and then throw the dice. If you land the highest combination, you’ll win all the wagered skins.

 6. CSGO Plinko

The CSGO gambling scene has adapted one of the most popular games and transformed it into CSGO Plinko. In this game, you will have to throw a ball or coin down a board full of pins with different slots at the bottom that offer payouts ranging from 0.2x to over 1,000x. Your prize will vary depending on what slot the ball/coin lands in.

Let’s say you decide to wager $10 worth of skins, and you start the game. The ball starts going down the board, and it lands in a slot with a payout of 50x, then you’d receive a total payout of $500 worth of skins.

 7. CSGO Mines

 This game is straight simple: Place your wager and clear out the tiles on the game board without exploding a mine. The more tiles you manage to clear out, the higher your payout will be. You can cash out at any stage of the game.

Bonuses and Promotions You Can Claim at CSGO Gambling Sites

 In this short guide, we’ll bring you all the details about the bonuses and promotions you can claim at our recommended sites.

 Welcome Bonuses

 There are several welcome bonuses you can claim upon joining a site on registration or after making your first deposit. Here you have all the available bonuses:

  • First deposit matched bonus (receive from 30% to 100% extra)
  • Unbox free CS:GO cases with valuable skins
  • Win free CS:GO skins right off the bat

 In the majority of cases, you don’t even have to complete a rollover requirement, making these welcome bonuses superior to the classic offers at traditional online casinos.

 Daily Bonuses

 CS2 gambling sites also offer a large list of daily bonuses you can claim once you become a customer, and many of these promotions don’t require a new deposit. Here you have the daily bonuses you can claim:

  • Free daily coins
  • Free daily CS:GO skins
  • Free daily CS:GO cases
  • Free daily wheel spins
  • Free daily cash

 Reload/Recharge Bonuses

 Our selected skins gambling sites will reward you every time you make a new deposit, especially via cash or crypto. You can get anywhere from 5% to 50% extra on your deposits. For example, if you deposit $100 worth of Bitcoin, the CSGO gambling site will reward you with an extra $5 to $50 that you can wager as you please on your favorite skins gambling games.

 Cashback/Rakeback Bonuses

 Another usual bonus at our recommended skins gambling site is the cashback or rakeback bonus. After claiming it, you can get up to 60% back on all the money you wager at the site. For example, if you claim a 60% cashback bonus and you wager a total of $1,000 during the month, you can expect to receive up to $600 back.

 Payment Methods and Banking

 To start gambling, you need to make a first deposit. To enjoy your winnings, you need to make a withdrawal – here, we will show you how to get your money in and out from our recommended CSGO gambling sites.

 CSGO Skins and Items

If you’re a hardcore CSGO fan, or if you don’t want to touch cash or crypto for your gambling purposes, you can deposit and withdraw CS2 skins with ease at our recommended sites. All you need to do is link your Steam account to your CSGO gambling site account by entering the Steam Trade URL.

The main advantage of using CSGO skins is that the deposits and withdrawals will be free and instant because there are no fees or waiting periods.

 Credit and Debit Cards

 The classic Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You can use your credit and debit cards for deposits and withdrawals at our recommended CSGO gambling sites, featuring hyper-fast transactions. The unique downside is the high fees for deposits and withdrawals.


 In this category, you will find the most popular eWallets, such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Venmo, WebMoney, Qiwi, and Payoneer. Thanks to eWallets, you can process your deposits instantly and your withdrawals fast (1-2 hours), and the transaction fees are low.  

 Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Litecoin, BNB, Doge, Tron, and several other coins and tokens are accepted at CSGO gambling sites for deposits and withdrawals. In fact, sites like CSGO500 prefer cryptocurrencies, and thus, they offer exclusive bonuses for crypto deposits.

Cryptocurrencies offer you a hyper-fast and cheap way to make deposits and withdrawals. Hence, we recommend you rely on this method when playing at CSGO gambling sites.

 Prepaid Cards

 You can also use prepaid cards such as the Astropay Card to fund your account on the majority of our recommended CSGO gambling sites. The biggest benefit is being able to control your spending because since you have to fund your prepaid card before making a deposit, you can set your own limits to prevent overspending.

 Mobile Payments

 Because CSGO gambling has gone mobile, it was also necessary for CS2 gambling sites to implement mobile payments, and you can make deposits via Google Pay or Apple Pay. Since the transactions are easy and smooth, these payment methods are amongst the most popular.

 Bank Wire

 Some of our recommended CSGO gambling sites also offer SEPA and SWIFT bank wires. If you prefer this classic payment method, you can use it for playing at CS2 casinos. The main advantages here are the higher limits for deposits and withdrawals and robust security, whereas the drawback is that withdrawals can take significantly longer (1-3 business days).

 How Do CSGO Gambling Sites Guarantee Fair and Random Outcomes?

 Since CS2 gambling sites differ in several aspects from traditional online casinos, it’s important to learn about how they guarantee fair and random results when playing their games. Here, we will let you know everything about Provably Fair, licenses, audits, and other key features that guarantee random and transparent outcomes.

 Fair Provably Tech Powered by Blockchain

 Online casino providers use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make the outcomes of the games random and fair. CSGO gambling sites use a similar technology: Provably Fair. This tech has the advantage of making results 100% verifiable, allowing all gamblers to check the results of any round whenever they wish because all the outcomes are registered on a blockchain.

 Professional and Transparent Audits

 Just like RNGs get audited, the same happens with Provably Fair systems. This is why our recommended CSGO gambling sites hire third-party independent auditors to audit their Provably Fair systems, games, and the platform itself to make sure all the outcomes are random, fair, and verifiable.  

 International Gaming Licenses

 The majority of our recommended CSGO gambling sites hold the Curacao Gaming License, which is Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant, secure, and reliable. It certifies that the CSGO gambling site that holds it is legal, solvent, and legit. Furthermore, this gaming license makes it possible for CS2 gambling sites to support cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals.

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